Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My amazing Co ♥ Workers:

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.."

All of you know by now that I am participating in the 3 day breast cancer walk this November. I feel like it's all I've talked about for the past 5 months! "For the Love of boobs"has been working so hard this year to raise money for our team. We've done it all; hosted events, passion parties, held fundraisers at restaurants, held raffles, silent auctions and more. Last month I decided to make "For the Love of Boobs" shirts as one last attempt to generate some money. I thought it would be a great way to get our team name out there in perfect time for breast cancer awareness month. I figured friends and family would be interested, but I had no idea how great of a response I was about to receive. I started spreading the word at work and before I knew it almost every co-worker of mine had bought one! I am so thankful for their support and generosity. They have continued to encourage me throughout my training process and it means a lot. Below is a picture of us in our office lobby:

Thank you again TRPN, you rock! I am so lucky to work with such awesome, giving people everyday. Here's to the fight against breast cancer!

xoxo-Candace Laree'

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sex in the City: Passion Party ♥

UPDATE: The Sex in the City: Passion Party for Breast Cancer Awareness ♥ was a HUGE success!

We only had a handful of girls that could make it, but everyone bought something, so much more than I had hoped for. Our consultant Michelle Marie was so much fun, click on her name for a link to her passion website. Thank you to all of the girls who came and supported "For the Love of Boobs", we appreciate you more than you know. Felirose and Lauren are hosting a couples passion party this weekend right after the vendor sale so if you're interested contact Lauren at:

See you Saturday! Ciao Bella, Candace Laree'

For the Love of Boobs (Our 3 day breast cancer team) is hosting a Passion Party this Saturday in downtown @ 6pm. If you click the words Passion Party it will take you directly to the e-vite with all of the information! You will have to have been invited already for you to access the e-vite though so please either email me at: if you are interested in coming or post a comment with your email address! The event will be $5 at the door ::to cover food and drinks:: and 10% of everything you purchase will go to our team! We will have fun activities, music and a raffle going on as well; $1 a raffle ticket. Please join us for a fabulous Sex IN the city night and celebrate being a sexy, independent lady!
Till then dolls, lots of love -xoxo Candace Laree'

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Our little Family.

Well, it had been TOO long since some of us had seen each other! We met up at "Crowes Nest" our old spot and drank yummy spiced chai teas and played with adorable baby Noah ♥ We had a lot to catch up on & so many wondeful things that are happening in our group. New beginnings, new life, new careers and ambitions and lots of new stories. We are all taking different paths but I know one thing for sure; our paths will always lead back to our friends. Here's to Femme-Elite; the best girlfriends anyone could ask for. I love you dolls ♥

xoxo Candace Laree'

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Homage to you:

Once in awhile I hear an amazing song that stops me in my path. It captures my interest and for that moment I feel disconnected to everything but the music. Like most I have a deep spiritual connection to music. Some songs I hear trigger something to make memories go off in my mind almost like an old fashioned slide show. This song sets off a montage of Jarred and I. I picture our sad moments, our happy moments and all in between. When we were 12, when we were graduating high school, when we were broken up and I moved to Spain, when we saw each other for the first time after I got back, all that we’ve been through and all our future holds. All the things that represent this wonderful, passionate love of ours.

It is written and sung by Rob Pattinson. Of course he couldn’t just be amazingly beautiful, a talented actor and in one of my favorite movies “Twilight” he's also deeply sensitive with an amazing beautiful voice. ♥ Here at the lyrics:

Standing there by the broken tree,
Her hands were all twisted, she was pointing at me.
I was damned by the light coming out of her eyes.
She spoke with a voice that disrupted the sky.
She said 'Walk on over yeah to the bit of shade,
I will wrap you in my arms and you'll know you've been saved'
Let me sign, let me sign, can't fight the devil so just let me sign.

I was out for a drink in a soho bar
The air was smoked out liked a cheap cigar
She rose out of her seat like a painted ghost
She was the woman that I wanted the most
As she reached for my arm I gave her my hand
I said 'Lay me down easy let me understand'
Let me sign, let sign, can't fight the devil so just let me sign.

As I walked through the door she was still in my head
As I entered the room she was laid there in bed
She reached out for me all twisted in black
I was on my way down, never coming back
let me sign, let me sign, can't fight the devil so just let me sign.

let me sign, let me sign, can't fight the devil so just let me sign.